Monday, March 10, 2008

Recent doin's

Hey y'all

I'm trying to get more proactive about art which will in turn make me more pro-active about posting. Here's some stuff I did recently:

I did this for a magazine last month. I think it's ok if I show it about:

This is something from the project I'm working on. It's called Dogstar

Kids and monsters! Everyone loves kids and monsters!


Storm McRae said...

WHOA !! this is awesome wayne ! the pencil drawings have so much personality and style !! The magazine illustration has a cool perspective, but the characters seem a bit stiff. perhaps you could also create darker colors in the background and show stronger depth with your lighting.

The enigmatic Wayne C Spencer said...

Thanks, Stormy.

Yeah, I didn't feel like I was anywhere near done with it. The Art Director said it was perfect, though. Just asked me to add the metal gear solid disguise box. So I did and that was that.

I agree though, it's more stiff than I'd like. Especially Snake, but he liked it, so what are you gonna do, you know?