Thursday, March 13, 2008

Georgia Marathon Poster

This poster was developed as part of a competition at SCAD. The final design won the competition and became the official poster for the Georgia Marathon 2008, having 15,000 copies printed, and 30 signed copies handed to sponsors, politicians, etc. But what really matters is that it's a wicked design ;-)

The arrows in the background help give it movement, and the runners' silhouettes contrast with the bright orange background, while provide a nice lead in from the bottom white bar to the background, as they become transparent.


The enigmatic Wayne C Spencer said...

Very nice Mikey.

Hooray for Mikey!

Storm McRae said...

ohhhhh shit !!!!! oh shitt !!!! HOT SON !! LOVING THIS TO DEATH !!

hoooooray for Mikey !!