Friday, March 28, 2008


sorry for the lack of updates, moving soon and I've got 2 weddings to save up for, not to mention my training schedule is very hectic. Bear with me though ! I'll post more frequently. - Strom

The spring of our content

I drid some boats

Oh snap! Iss a monster y'all

Oh yeah, could you guys do me a favor, by the by?

Wake the hell up and post some stuff, you lazy humps!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pat/Mike Collaboration

These were a series of spread ads for a campaign I had to do for tequila. the concept was to portray competing drinks as characters. Vodka was a russian guy, sake a sumo wrestler, etc. And to contrast their depressive characters with the hot, young, party-going tequila girl. The result was pretty good. I love the illustrations for this. Good job Pat!

Obs: Colors are a bit toned down by Photoshop's "save for web" feature. The tequila girl's page should have a more saturated tone, while the others should be as muted as they appear.

Georgia Marathon Poster

This poster was developed as part of a competition at SCAD. The final design won the competition and became the official poster for the Georgia Marathon 2008, having 15,000 copies printed, and 30 signed copies handed to sponsors, politicians, etc. But what really matters is that it's a wicked design ;-)

The arrows in the background help give it movement, and the runners' silhouettes contrast with the bright orange background, while provide a nice lead in from the bottom white bar to the background, as they become transparent.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Recent doin's

Hey y'all

I'm trying to get more proactive about art which will in turn make me more pro-active about posting. Here's some stuff I did recently:

I did this for a magazine last month. I think it's ok if I show it about:

This is something from the project I'm working on. It's called Dogstar

Kids and monsters! Everyone loves kids and monsters!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pepper project colors...

Digital colors are NOT my thing, but I did what I could to get it in on time :-/

On another note, I was playing Halo3 last night. I don't know if it was the HD, but I started to feel dizzy and got this pounding headache. Has that ever happened to any of you Line-lighters? I was dissapointed because its such a beautiful game :(

-B (before morning coffee)