Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pat/Mike Collaboration

These were a series of spread ads for a campaign I had to do for tequila. the concept was to portray competing drinks as characters. Vodka was a russian guy, sake a sumo wrestler, etc. And to contrast their depressive characters with the hot, young, party-going tequila girl. The result was pretty good. I love the illustrations for this. Good job Pat!

Obs: Colors are a bit toned down by Photoshop's "save for web" feature. The tequila girl's page should have a more saturated tone, while the others should be as muted as they appear.


The enigmatic Wayne C Spencer said...

Great concept again, dude.
Good job to Pat as well. Though, I think you guys should have gone more muted with the sad drinks. Like a cool blue monotone, or even stark Black and White.

As it is, the sumo doesn't even look to unhappy. Just pissed or horny... probably both.

Storm McRae said...

cool !! now if pat could just post MOAR !!