Monday, June 16, 2008

Couple of inked things

Just got some new gel pens, tried them out tonight on a few things. Here are two


Storm McRae said...

dood THIS IS EFFING HOT !!!!! I mean i wanna make wallpapers out of your work man !!!

just so i'm not completely jocking your skills, I 'll see if i can give a helpful crit.

The 1st one is awesome composition is rock solid !! I think placing the characters spiky hair next to the jagged teeth feels a bit awkward. Maybe one idea might be placing the guy character more to the right of the peak tooth.

the 2nd picture is also awesome but feels a bit static, perhaps more of an expressive gesture for the characters, like wilder arms more twisting at the torso etc..

i can't wait to see the new batch of work !

The enigmatic Wayne C Spencer said...

Thanks, dude. I'll keep your suggestions in mind. Might even post something else today.

Hey, listen:

You need to get people involved taht draw all the time, and people that are excited about being a part of something. I suggest inviting my friend Tony, who is one of the most prolific people I've ever met and who's art improves by at least ten percent every time I see something new.

Here's his email. Drop him a line

Storm McRae said...

cool, i invited your friend !!