Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Pepper Project...

Ok, so Artgerm has this character called Pepper, he uses to inspire creativity. He want's different people to try their hands at the character and the best one will be published in an upcoming artbook. Henry challenged me to compete with him (as usual, he got served...). I'm happy enough with the drawing, but when I tried to use Painter with my graphire2, the results were more than frustrating. If any of you BriaManiacs out there want to try your hand at digital colors for this peice, email me and I'll send you the high res and ref pics of the actual characters.While waiting for Henry to decide what he was going to embarass himself with this time, I got to drawing this Lara Croft. Those of you who know me have seen that I get through character drawing really fast, so I sometimes spot people a few minutes when we duel by working on something else. Anyway, rather than pull my hair out trying to color this one, I propose the same thing as the Pepper pic. Once this one is done, it'll be published in the 2nd Ground Up studios artbook.

On a geekier note: Vern and I found the glitch in the XBOX version of Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. It slows down whenever it has to show the top half of a background. Superjumps and Launchers are crossed off the list :(



The enigmatic Wayne C Spencer said...

Hey Brian,

I like the line weights on these, but I think the hands on the Pepper illustration look kind of un-natural and maybe out of place. It really runs raw against the kind of relaxed expression.


Incomparable Brian Charles said...

I know exactly what you mean. The hands are correct, though. The problem is that, in hindsight, I didn't push the expression far enough. She's supposed to look like she's tensing up :( I fail! If I were gonna do it over, I'd tilt her head and arch her back out.

The enigmatic Wayne C Spencer said...

Yeah but I don't know anyone who tenses their hands up that way, who doesn't wear a get their lunch fed to them by a responsible guardian.

Anatomically the hands are fine. Everything is in the right place. It just looks wrong and painful. In fact, if you'd constructed a robot, I'd say to you, I'd say : Blimey. "What a FINE set of hands you've grafted onto this automaton."

But alas it is no robot and the hands look weird.